Monday, October 18, 2010

500 Likers and still growing on our Facebook page!

WOW! Wow. wow. I have to say I am pretty flabbergasted.... when I embarked on Big Cake, little cake I had visions that one day I would be creating cakes for "real" people (i.e. not friends, family and acquaintances) but little did I realise how soon that would be! In six short months we have gone from one cake a week to an average of 4-6 orders a week, plus supplying The Petite Princess Parlour ( with her cupcakes for her weekly parties. Plus I have had the privilege of creating the cakes for two weddings and have more booked!

Like I said - wow.

So, to celebrate I have a few offers and giveaways which I will launch individually over the next few days!

So here is the first... Win yourself a Jumbo Cupcake Mold! Firstly make sure you like our Facebook page ( and follow our blog, then simply comment on this post in our blog and tell us what your dream jumbo cupcake would be! Winner will be drawn by on Wednesday 20th October!

Refer your friends and good luck!!


  1. My dream jumbo cupcake would be dairy free, delicious and chocolate flavoured.

  2. My dream jumbo cupcake would be similar to the lava cakes at dominos (I actually work there) a chocolate mix is put through the oven, and it hardens on the outside but leaves a liquid chocolate mix in the middle. Their sizing is personal size only though :( but I think that idea of having a hard outer casing and having a liquid centre (for example chocolate like the lava cakes or caramel) would be great as a jumbo cupcake and would be amazing to cut into!