Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And another Spring Cake!

One of the ladies at the birthday lunch that featured my 2-tier Spring cake loved it so much she asked me to do one for her for that Saturday - eeek! Luckily I only had a few small orders for Saturday and the rest were Sunday so I was able to squeeze it into my schedule.

This one had a white choc mud top and a dark choc mud base.

Happy Birthday Alice!

Ben 10

I have created many cakes using shaped pans and when I started out the instructions that came with them were my lifesaver. Now I can whip up a Dora, dinosaur or monkey without even thinking but I was still a bit nervous when I was asked to make a Ben 10 cake.

First step was to fnd an image I liked. There were a few lots in Google but weren't what I was looking for. So off I went to Big W and found a couple of colouring books and a poster book - Bingo! Found my image.  Once the cake was baked time to carve the shape and then crumb coat... deep breath... colours mixed... time to decorate.

I was super happy with the finished product and as soon as I posted the image on my FB album the enquiries came flowing in.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cupcake Packs

When I first started Big Cake, little cake I wanted to be able to fill the gap between the professional cake artists and chain stores like Woolies or the Cheesecake Shop.   I also wanted to help busy people make their lives easier, and one timesaver I could provide was cupcakes packs.

These come in standard or mini cupcakes and are delivered to local parties / schools / daycare centres / businesses with candles and serviettes so all you have to do is sing and eat!

This particular Birthday cake pack had a dozen chocolate egg / dairy free cupcakes and 2 dozen vanilla cupcakes all iced in a dairy free buttercream style frosting, was delivered to Warner, and I arranged some of the cupcakes on a board for the customer in a "2".

Friday, September 24, 2010

2 Tier Spring Garden Cake

This cake was for a Mother's Group who celebrate every of their member's birthday's with a lunch and a cake.

Happy Birthday Adela!

Better late than never!

Welcome to Big Cake, little cake!

What was a fun hobby has become a business, and I am still learning every day. It's funny when you have a cake decorating business there is an expectation that you don't make mistakes or have disasters... let me reassure you that I have my fair share of disasters and usually when I am experimenting! Ah but all in the name of gathering knowledge... but seriously, disasters can be extremely useful - I have perfected my ganache recipe through lots of mistakes and lumpy, bumpy and split ganache.

Anyway I will posting my cakes as I complete them each week and anything else that takes my fancy!  You can find all of my cakes at

Have a great day...